Home Decoration ideas 32 Great living room ideas with a renewed Scandinavian style

32 Great living room ideas with a renewed Scandinavian style

by Eva

32 Great living room ideas with a renewed Scandinavian style

Adopted by home fashion for several years, the Scandinavian trend is far from running out of ideas for our interiors. Often summed up, wrongly, in a somewhat simplistic marriage of wood and white, the style straight from the Nordic countries contrasts much more than meets the eye. Lovers of decoration and this Hygge art of life (which stands for simple pleasures) revisit the Scandinavian trend making it constantly evolving. At home, the living room is a good place to breathe this comforting spirit. A place of pleasure as well as tranquillity, it is a living room that lends itself easily to the Scandinavian aesthetic, enhanced with very modern touches. Browse through a range of ideas to bring a Scandinavian vibe to a living room in tune with the season.

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Originally a fan of neutral colors, Scandinavian fashion now dares to add some bold touches to the living room. A mustard yellow sofa, an orange check or green cushions beautify the decor of the North and catch the eye. True to its first love, the Scandinavian trend still favors natural materials such as linen, wood or cotton. With a little creativity and a renewed Scandinavian spirit, metals also intervene in the decoration. From iron to copper, they bring a bit of modernity to a style known above all for its simplicity. In the living room, some strong pieces are also the sign of a modern interior. An industrial addition, a focal table or a leather armchair are all elements that enhance the desired Scandinavian atmosphere.

Scandinavian style in the kitchen: 40+ inspiration ideas in the shades of white































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