Home Decoration ideas Cozy – warm living room ideas – how to transform this basic room for fall / winter season

Cozy – warm living room ideas – how to transform this basic room for fall / winter season

by Eva

Cozy – warm living room ideas – how to transform this basic room for fall / winter season

Autumn and winter are the seasons that predispose cocconing. When it rains and the cold comes, we want to hug a soft blanket, spend more time at home and feel good and comfortable when we are inside. A warm living room can give us this feeling. But how to decorate the living room to make it more comfortable, what are the elements that can change the mood and what is the latest style for the autumn / winter season? You can learn all this and much more and inspiring ideas from this informative article. Below you will find the best tips and the most beautiful examples of warm living room decor to feel good in it.

Great ideas with comfortable, cozy bedrooms for warm autumn – winter days, at home

Well, before we start with the best decorating photos that can become your guide to transform your living room, we will try to find what kind of decor will suit you best. To do this, you need to answer a few questions. Think about what the cold seasons mean to you. What flavor do you associate them with? Is it homemade sweets, sniffing at the fireplace, rain sounds or Christmas? To turn this response into the decoration of your cozy living room, you can buy some scented candles with the scent that you like and are related to its seasons. It is a simple decorative detail that changes everything for the warm look of the room.

Another question to ask is: What colors make you feel at home in winter and fall? In most cases, these are the colors found in autumn leaves and trees when it snows. These are the warm colors (orange, yellow, brown) associated with white and with furniture and decorations in wood, copper or leather. And when you choose this type of decoration, the interior looks very clean and harmonious. In design, this style is called Scandinavian and its extension is the hygge decoration that always wins the first place in people’s hearts. It is the ideology that gives the most comfort in the house or apartment that we have decided to create well.

How to decorate a Scandinavian snug living room following the principles of hygge decoration

The hygge living room is a trend that goes well with warm decor. It is more focused on being close to nature. We see a room in white and wood, decorated with green plants and light garlands, with furniture in clean lines and we can very easily say that this is the Scandinavian aesthetic of decoration and life called hygge. Try this type of decoration so that you can say that you have tried to create a comfortable living room. To be successful, you need to think about simplicity, connection with nature and minimalism. Keep these three words in your head as if they were your principles. This is the code that will decipher the Scandinavian decor that will give you this feeling of comfort you are looking for.

Decorate your living room with the most wonderful ideas for cocooning hygge styling

In search of comfort for a cozy living room

The cozy living room consists of some basic elements. Have a gray, white or beige sofa made of natural fabric such as leather, velvet or anything that feels nice to the touch. You will put some pillows on the sofa for more comfort. A plaid or a shawl, something that can serve as a blanket for these slightly colder nights. The coffee table in front of the sofa will be made of wood. In it you can put some scented candles, a glass jar full of pine cones or some tiny pumpkins. This way, you will have a nice warm decoration to get started. The fairy lights, the bookcases, the comfortable armchairs, the fireplace, the other wooden details and the knitted fabrics, all these will give the complete look of the room.

Warm decoration in the city apartment

Even small apartments in a big city can be comfortable. It all depends on the decor you choose. If you have the option of painting a wooden wall or putting wood on the ceiling, perhaps as a false ceiling, this will be ideal to convey the aesthetics of the chalet to your apartment. Add a great painting with a picture of the forest, some floor pillows, a big warm blanket that suggests a hood to it and voila, your urban apartment turns into a real haven of comfort and warmth in the city, as if they can travel you without leaving from home.





























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