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How to add a hygge style touch to your home for Easter

by Eva

How to add a hygge style touch to your home for Easter

Why not add a hygge style touch to your home for Easter? Try to recreate this atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, romance and good humor within the walls of your home, learning to enjoy the simple things in life. Let’s see some simple and creative solutions to introduce a breath of fresh newness into your Easter decorations at home.

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An atmosphere of relaxation

A key element of hygge furniture is the ability to create a welcoming atmosphere to relax within the walls of your home: to do so, add carpets, decorative curtains and cushions in large quantities and even ornamental plants and decorative baskets to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Neutral and delicate colors

Choose a neutral and relaxing color palette with shades of natural tones able to harmonize the spaces, which includes all shades of white, pastel shades, up to shades of taupe and gray.

Add flowers and plants

Decorate the house and the balconies with flowering plants and bouquets of fresh and fragrant flowers, essential elements to immediately bring freshness and good humor.
Use beautiful vases, in single-colored glass or ceramic or with decorative motifs, perhaps recovering old teapots or old pitchers to add originality and a touch of DIY to your creative green for the home.

Create DIY decorations

One of the best ways to add a hygge inspiration to your home at a special time like Easter is to make DIY Easter decorations, using flowers, colored eggs, bunnies, bird nests, but also salvaged items. unusual that add creativity and a surprise effect.

Precisely the fact of making the decorations by oneself forces one to slow down, appreciate the season and concentrate thought and time on something that gives satisfaction in line with the hygge trend. Even better if you can make these decorations with your family and friends! Choose simple and beautiful projects without stressing yourself in elaborate and complicated decorations.























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