Home Decoration ideas Hygge: What it is, how to use – 30+ Hygge decor inspirations

Hygge: What it is, how to use – 30+ Hygge decor inspirations

by Eva

Hygge: What it is, how to use – 30+ Hygge decor inspirations

Hygge style has Danish origin and its aim is to provide much comfort and feeling of warmth indoors. With long winter months and low light, the Nordic people using the Hygge decor to create a warm and welcoming environment, and although it has not yet translated into many languages, Hygge is understood as anything that can bring a sense of well-being, happiness and comfort, therefore, more than decoration with material items, the Hygge is a lifestyle.

So we made this post with tips on how to bring the Hygge decorating style into your home and make your home even cozier and welcoming.

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Hygge decoration: value the lighting
With long winter months and a few hours of sunlight in the Nordic countries, the Hygge style greatly enhances a well-lit environment. For this, make the most of natural light, especially if your house has large windows, it is also important to use light and fluffy curtains and invest in furniture and decorative details with lighter colors.

Hygge decoration: value clear and neutral colors
As we have already said, cozy and bright environments are fundamental to the Hygge decor style, a way to value even more these well-lit environments is using light and neutral colors in the decoration. The palette with light colors emphasizes the brightness of the environment and also allows it to be visually wider and create a comfortable space, so abuse colors such as white, beige, gray and pastels in your Hygge decoration.

Hygge decoration: bring nature into your home
Plants and flowers are also guaranteed a presence in Hygge decor. They bring more life and color to the environment, however, it is important to analyze the place where it will be placed, so you can choose the ideal plant for that type of space, but just in case, cacti are plants that fit well in practically every type of environment and are beautiful plants when used in environments with Hygge decoration.

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Items for Hygge decor
In addition to the candles, lamps, and curtains, there are a few more items indispensable to the environment with Hygge decor, and one of these items are the cushions. The Hygge style is marked by environments decorated with many cushions that are responsible for giving a special touch to space. The cushions can be used both on the bed in the bedroom and on the sofa in the living room, but it is important to remember to choose models of cushions that are very pleasant to the touch, such as plush cushions.

In the following gallery, you will find many images for great inspiration
































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