Home Decoration ideas Tray decoration with candles to cocoon your home this fall-winter

Tray decoration with candles to cocoon your home this fall-winter

by Eva

Tray decoration with candles to cocoon your home this fall-winter

In mid-October, the cocooning decoration must already reign in our interiors. However, if you haven’t cocooned your home yet, don’t worry! Today, we offer you a simple, chic and elegant idea to make your home cozy in just a few minutes. We talk to you in particular about the tray decoration with candles. Cocooning, aesthetic, minimalist, rustic – whatever your favorite style, this type of decor easily adapts to every taste. It all depends on the elements chosen. Can’t wait to dive into our selection of inspiring ideas? Let’s go.

Inspiration for autumn DIY candlesticks made of natural materials: Ideas that will light up your home

Mirrors are a real decorative accent lately. However, to integrate them into your home, it is not necessary to find a special place for them on the walls. Indeed, we offer you a very nice and original idea. It’s about transforming a simple portable mirror into an impressive decorative tray with candles.

Fall decoration to do yourself

We associate the fall season with colorful nature in warm shades, the scent of cinnamon and pumpkin and cozy moments. If you’re scouring the web for ideas on how to make your home more cocooning, adding a few candles will probably do the trick. But if you want to take this adventure even further, here’s how to make a stunning fall decor.



















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