Home Bathroom Hidden laundry room: How to design it, and 35 creative ideas for inspiration

Hidden laundry room: How to design it, and 35 creative ideas for inspiration

by Eva

Hidden laundry room: How to design it, and 35 creative ideas for inspiration

Between us: there are things that don’t need to be visible, do you agree? An example of this is the washing machine. This space dedicated to household chores doesn’t need to be visible, after all, it is in the service area that always remains a bit disorganized. So, what would you say about a hidden laundry room?

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And you might wonder, can it be hidden? Why not? Thinking about this, we’ve brought essential tips on how to create a hidden laundry space, besides creative projects to inspire you even more. Come check it out!

How to design a hidden laundry room?

Before even thinking about how to hide the washing machine, pay attention to the planning of this space. It must have water pipes and drainage, besides outlets to connect the washing machine and other appliances you might use.

Think also about the products and accessories that make up this space and how you intend to store them. A good solution, especially for those wanting to save space, is the use of cabinets and shelves.

To avoid any doubt, take all the measurements of the space correctly, as well as the washing machine, basin, sink, and whatever else you intend to include in the laundry area.

How to hide a washing machine?

Glass partition

Glass partitions are one of the most common options when it comes to separating and hiding washing machines, especially those integrated with the kitchen in apartments.

The partition can be fixed or movable, similar to a door. You also have the freedom to choose the type of glass. To keep the washing machine completely out of sight, prefer dark glasses or frosted glass.

However, keep in mind that this is an option that can be costly, especially when compared to the following ideas.

Wooden panel

Cheaper than the glass partition, the wooden panel can be completely closed or with slats, similar to a Venetian door. The advantage of wood is that it fully hides the washing machine and also ensures a beautiful and warm design decoration.

Like the glass partition, the wooden panel can be fixed or movable, similar to a door. It all depends on your space. But it’s important to remember that wood requires regular maintenance, mainly in locations exposed to humidity, as is the case with washers in the bathroom.


Have you ever thought about completely hiding the washing machine inside a cabinet? This has become a common choice lately, especially for those living in small apartments. The cabinet, in this case, must be designed and constructed custom-made to properly host your washing machine.

Curtain or blind

For those looking for something more economical, quick, and easy, betting on curtains or blinds is an option. You can easily hide the washing machine using these types that will only require a fixture on the wall.

This tip is also ideal for those living in rented places and cannot (or do not want to) make big transformations.

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In summary, creating a hidden laundry room is not only a practical solution to keep your home organized and aesthetically pleasing, but it can also transform the way you perceive and use this often neglected space. Whether you prefer the elegance of a glass partition, the warmth of a wooden panel, the smart concealment within a cabinet, or even the simplicity of a curtain or blind, there’s always a way to make your laundry space harmoniously blend with the rest of the house. With a little creativity and planning, you can transform this utilitarian space into a tasteful corner that brings you joy and adds value to your daily life.

































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