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Small Bedroom: These Are The Ideal Shades To Decorate It

by Eva

Small Bedroom: These Are The Ideal Shades To Decorate It

The color in a bedroom worries a lot of people. Especially if your space is small enough and you want to give it height and depth, choosing the right shade you can do wonders.
What colors are suitable for the walls of your room? Which ones will grow your space and help you decorate it more easily?

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White. When we talk about small spaces, the first color we think of is white. This natural shade reflects light throughout the space and creates the perfect white canvas to then decorate as you wish. If you are a fan of the strongest shades, you can paint the walls white and decorate with furniture, decorations and flowers in more dynamic shades.

Green. In a small room it is not necessary to use only soft shades. Choose a nice, sweet green and combine it with white floors and furniture in white and green. As you will see in the photo below, the green nightstand looks like it is one with the wall giving the illusion of depth in the space.

Green and blue are two colors that give depth to a bedroom.

Dark white. Another great shade for a bedroom is very dark white (slightly gray). It is a color that is also very bright and helps to decorate your space in whatever shades you want. Combine it with various shades of gray, white and black for an even more impressive result.

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Pal gray. If your room lacks square meters, then this shade is a great choice to add height and depth to your space. Enhance the decoration of the room with nice fabrics on the sheets of your bed and pale shades in the rest of the decoration.

Tip Avoid dark gray shades for your walls as research does not help you sleep.

Gray-blue. The walls in the room in the photo below are painted in a very nice gray in which there are hidden tones of blue and lilac. This color gives a very sweet atmosphere to the space. Decorate with similar pale shades of gray, brown, white and burgundy.

White-pink. Another shade that we love very much and recommend in rooms with a few square meters is the white that is slightly pink. This shade combines beautifully with light wood and pure white.

If pink is your favorite shade then you can put it on the walls of your room in this pale version.

Blue. A soft blue is one of the best options for a bedroom. In addition to enlarging the room, research shows that color is the best choice for people with insomnia. Decorate with white furniture and decorations to make the space look even brighter and bigger.

Tip As we said before, it is good to paint the ceilings white to add height to the space. But what kind of white should you use? Opinions differ here. The bright white reflects light by illuminating the space and making it look bigger, while the matte white “disappears” the ceiling, adding, among other things, height to the space. The choice, then, is yours.

Greige a neutral color that you should know

Lilac. Intense lilac is not a good choice for a bedroom, but a soft, “dusty” lilac gives a nice atmosphere to the space and adds dynamism. This color is ideally combined with white and gray, creating a very beautiful contrast to the eye.

Blue-petrol. If you do not want to paint the whole bedroom with a bright shade you can choose to paint only one wall in a deep blue-petrol. Prefer the wall behind the bed for an even nicer result and paint the rest of the walls white. The space will grow and at the same time acquire color without having to do anything else. Choose minimal decoration without exaggeration.

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