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Vintage style bedroom design: 20 amazing ideas for a nostalgic touch

by Eva

Vintage style bedroom design: 20 amazing ideas for a nostalgic touch

The vintage style of furniture and decoration will never surpass the style. The appearance of the past is increasing today and is increasingly combined with elements of modern furniture style. A room where this nostalgic elegance goes into its own style in the bedroom. The combination of antique furniture and romantic decor creates a sense of good atmosphere in the room and invites you to relax. But how do you design a bedroom in a vintage style? With our tips and ideas, you can bring a nostalgic atmosphere to your own bedroom.

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The longing for the past is what makes vintage-style furniture so fashionable now. You remember the moments when everything was simpler and you want to live it alone. This feeling is reflected in our apartments, where furniture with traces of use and old classic designs are used. Silent colors and playful designs complete the overall picture.

Vintage is often equated with the term retro. Although both styles are very similar at first glance, there are some key differences between them. When it comes to furniture, anything made between 1920 and 1980 can be called vintage. This is exactly how the apartments were decorated during this period. In other words – original authentic pieces. This furniture is usually expensive, but you can find it in second-hand shops, for example, or in our grandparents’ houses. They show real signs of use and are popular for just that. Compared to retro which is usually cheap imitations.

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In general, while there is no vintage color combination, you will find that the vintage palette is soft in volume. Very creamy white is used, which becomes colorful with mint or green, pink, light blue, light lavender, or butter yellow. This is not the style of furniture for dark colors, intense lightness, too much beige, brown or earthy tones. You prefer to design the bedroom in vintage style in soft shades so that it exudes some lightness.

Mixing patterns is another must-have in vintage bedroom decor. Flowers or other botanical motifs, birds, and butterflies, as well as scenes from the idyllic life of the 1940s and 1950s, are especially suitable for this.

If you want to design and decorate a vintage bedroom, you have to rely on furniture, fabrics, accessories, and colors that were popular decades ago. It’s up to you to fully apply the vintage style or just incorporate some furniture from this era into the interior. In the bedrooms of the last century, functionality was the top priority. A simple bed, nightstand, and wardrobe layout were often what could be found in these rooms.

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In the pictures below we have very beautiful ideas for a nostalgic vintage touch in your own bedroom.


















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