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Decorative combinations in the colors of … autumn

by Eva

Decorative combinations in the colors of … autumn

Of course, it is not possible to change the basic elements of the house-decoration every season, but especially if the general shades of your spaces move in natural and earthy tones, it is very easy by adding small elements-objects in orange, green, yellow to transfer the … autumn atmosphere to any area of the house.

Decorate your terrace, yard or garden for autumn with brightly colored flowers and accessories

Decorative pillows, throws and generally fabric elements are the simplest way to change the overall color scheme of a space. Use warm fabrics in autumn tones that will remain just as elegant and useful throughout the winter in the living room.
The intensity of the orange that you will add is a matter of personal choice, you can do it in a very “discreet” way and with small decorative objects or on larger furniture-fabric surfaces or even painting a wall in a tone of orange.

Autumn flowers, branches, fruits and general natural elements that you will easily find this season, even a grove in the center of the city, can also very easily help you create a completely autumnal … scene where you will place them.

Shades of green combined with some natural elements and decorative objects in their beige-brown tones along with minimal touches of tile-orange are also a very simple choice for autumn decorations, for cases where large surfaces (walls-furniture-carpets) of Your home has green as their main color.

Whatever colors dominate your space, even just a … bouquet of chrysanthemums or a pot of cyclamen are enough to create an … autumn corner.
















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