Home Garden 52 Beautiful ideas with dreamy flowers placed all over the house: doors, windows, stairs, but also on the terrace

52 Beautiful ideas with dreamy flowers placed all over the house: doors, windows, stairs, but also on the terrace

by Eva

52 Beautiful ideas with dreamy flowers placed all over the house: doors, windows, stairs, but also on the terrace

Flowing flowers, placed in pots or planters can be the ideal solution because they beautify windows, walls, stairs and generally outdoor spaces, giving them life. Potted flowers are a real joy, especially when you do not have enough space to plant them in your yard.

Dreamy flowers that adorn our household down to the smallest detail. From the windows, the terrace, the gazebo, all these corners of the house are decorated with wonderful plants. The corners of our house that are decorated with flowers are, as it were, a small corner of the sky.

The flowers in pots can have different shapes to be placed on the window, but also to be hung from a railing. Give them a place in the sun, but away from strong winds.

Absolutely gorgeous beautiful windows with colorful, magical flowers

Hanging flowers that flow

Flowing flowers, as well as geraniums, can be hung somewhere near the window or at the entrance of your house, and on the terrace. The pots of these flowers should be slightly larger

Plant care in pots

Caring for plants in a pot is not at all difficult. There are a number of tips and tricks, if we can call them that, to enjoy beautiful, lush flowers.

The selected container

First of all, when we talk about plants that are placed indoors or outdoors, we are talking about how they live. It is important that the selected pot is large enough to extend their roots. Each flower grows differently, so note how much the roots of each plant grow by searching the internet or asking experts.

Best tips for how to care geraniums in winter to stay beautiful

Plant placement

Plant placement is also very important. There are flowers that need to be placed so that they can enjoy the natural light. However, some plants want the light to be filtered out by an awning or pergola.

Geraniums, petunias are flowers that can be placed outside with confidence. It is important to keep in mind that they need to be protected from strong winds. Be sure to attach the pot so that it is not carried away by the wind. Climbing roses are also popular flowers, flowers that we constantly see in the backyards of housewives. These colorful, vibrant, absolutely wonderful flowers are plants that need a lot of sun.


To grow beautifully and healthily, plants need water. However, we know that too much water is harmful to your flowers, so be careful with the amount of water you give your plants. If you are unsure how to hydrate a particular plant, it is best to monitor your plant behavior. The quickest way is to ask the store experts.

Amazing Flower compositions with pelargonium for containers and garden flowerbeds

Keeping the ground clean

Keep the soil clean and make sure you only manage specialized products, especially when it comes to more demanding plants. Avoid using natural fertilizers, such as coffee grounds, if you do not know the behavior of the plant or the behavior of the plants you have.

The exterior of our house is more beautiful when we choose to beautify it not only with design details, but also with plants. They make our life more beautiful and bring a happy note to every space.
















































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