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The 5 Sensational Wall Lighting Trends

by Eva

The 5 Sensational Wall Lighting Trends

Let’s face it, wall lighting can make or break a room. However, picking out the right wall lighting for a room is easier than done. 

In order to pick the right wall lighting that reinforces a room’s remaining elements and furniture pieces you usually have to go through a trial-and-error process to get the right combination of function and elegance. 

There are always new interior design concepts and ideas that make it challenging for your interior to look modern and up to speed. Finding elegant wall lights that capture your attention is rare but it can be done once you know what to look for and more importantly where to find them. 

So, in this article, you are going to discover some of the latest wall lighting trends that will add a dash of style to your interiors as well as help you determine the right design for your interior.

Luxurious Vintage Lamps

The first trend on our list is vintage wall lighting lamps that make your interior feel like a luxurious hotel lobby or hallway from the 1950s. The Eichholtz wall lamp is a perfect example of wall lighting that follows this trend which helps give your interior a luxurious vintage feel that ages like fine wine. This is the right trend for you if you take pride in your vintage furniture pieces and would like to add to their charm and appeal. 

Luxurious vintage wall lights have been around for a long time, but they always just felt old and challenging to match with other elements or furniture pieces. No designer was able to bring a vintage charm to wall lamps without them feeling tacky. It wasn’t until Eichholtz released its wall lighting collection, which was the perfect combination of retro charm, elegance, and luxury, did this style of wall lighting become a new sensation in room interiors.

Space Saving Wall Light

If you like to keep things simple and don’t want your interior to feel overcrowded, then it’s probably a good idea to go with the second trend on our list. The Eichholtz wall lamp gives you an idea of what this style may look like in real-life applications. 

The benefit of using space-saving wall lights is that it’s clean, elegant, and quiet as they tend to give the front of the stage to your other furniture pieces or interior elements while merely providing support from the back. 

In fact, space-saving wall lights make it easier for your lighting to feel more natural and not stand out as much or seem forced because they blend in more seamlessly with the walls and interior elements.

Another not-so-obvious benefit of space-saving wall lights is that because they tend to be smaller in size and closer to the walls, they are actually less likely to get accidental damage over time in comparison to other types of wall lights since space-saving lights tend to be less exposed. 

Additionally, what space-saving wall lights give you in terms of space, they don’t take away in terms of lighting power. 

The Minimalist Design

This wall lighting trend has grown in popularity and spread all over the world since its concept and implementation are relatively simple. The idea behind a minimalist design is that you don’t use or show off more than you need to. 

With a minimalist design, your wall lights should be simple both in terms of color and design. So, when your wall light doesn’t feature any complex designs or feels like it’s standing out too much, it helps your interior feel more functional and spacious. 

The benefits of minimalist design wall lights are countless, they save you time, money, and the headache of choosing the right designer piece for your interior. Not only are minimal design wall lights economical since you don’t have to pay a fortune for over-the-top designer pieces, but they make the room a more relaxing and nerve-soothing place to stay in. 

The calming effect of a minimalist interior becomes apparent when you are sitting peacefully in a room with minimalist furniture and simple design elements, where not every piece of furniture or decoration is shouting at you with a loud and extravagant design. The minimalist design is the right approach for you if you are on a budget and don’t have the time or energy to explore more sophisticated styles.

Keep It Simple

Some people might spend countless hours obsessing over the perfect design or trend for every furniture piece and element in their interiors. When in fact, it is always better to go for the simple approach. Don’t try to overcrowd your walls or look for a design that fills every millimeter of space you have available. People often make the mistake of confusing their walls for a blank art canvas.

The walls of your room are meant to be functional and soothing to look at, not a piece of art with complex designs and loud colors that you have to analyze every time you get home from work. After a hectic day at work, you want to sit on your couch, rest your eyes, and unwind after a long day. Therefore, a wall light like the Liang and Eimil wall lamps collection or similar to it is probably the best choice for most interiors.

Simply put, don’t overcomplicate it, your walls are meant to have a lot of free space. Additionally, when you go for a simple wall light design, you usually end up with a wall light that is incredibly versatile that can complement different types and designs of furniture and accessories.

Outdoor Wall Lightings

In recent years, modern abstract designs grew out of fashion while simpler and more natural designs became more desirable, and you will find that as more time passes by interior designs are leaning more towards bringing the outdoors’ elements and spacious vibes indoors.

Outdoor wall lighting installed indoors became a trend when apartment lofts’ casual exposed brick wall interiors grew in popularity and people began obsessing over mood lighting. 

If you are someone who likes going out at night and staying in the open air while looking at the moon with dim decorative lighting, then this style of wall light is certainly made for you. 

Outdoor wall lights can give your interior more character than any other trend on this list. With outdoor wall lighting, it is less about the actual lighting and more about the mood it sets for the entire room. 

Unlike other artistic wall light designs, it doesn’t make your interior feel loud or suffocating. Instead, outdoor wall lights help make the room feel more peaceful and quieter. The lighting itself of outdoor wall lights is typically dim. Also, the design is simple and casual which helps whoever is staying in the room subconsciously feel less tense.


There you have it! 5 wall lighting trends that will make your walls thank you if only walls can speak 😀. Picking the right designs for your interior can be overwhelming at times. However, regardless of the trend you feel is most suitable for your style and interior, the important thing to remember is to try not to overthink it. 

Simply choose a style that resonates with what you are looking for and don’t strive for perfection but rather what feels comfortable to you.

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