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Outdoor lighting: 38 Cozy ideas to light terraces and balconies with style

by Eva

Outdoor lighting: 38 Cozy ideas to light terraces and balconies with style

Do you want your terrace or balcony to be more welcoming when night falls? The thing is going from lights

Solar lamps

Without cables or plugs, these types of lamps are perfect for when night falls. They allow you to save on the electricity bill without giving up dream lighting. In addition, there are different models and colors: pink, green, mustard, etc. A different way to decorate the terrace, enjoy it for longer and decorate it the way it deserves.

Aesthetically, we can say that they attract a lot of attention due to their appearance, as well as the format itself, which is simple and subtle, ideal for working on ornamentation and suitably combining all the resources. There are both table and hanging lamps, with natural fiber lamps being the most popular. The choice depends on you and the utility you want to give them.

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Wall lights

Wall lights are ideal for small balconies and terraces in order to make the most of the space. Basically, they are wall lamps that offer a touch of personal style and that you can complete with matching cushions on hammocks or armchairs; even, they also look great with a colorful tablecloth.

Garlands of lights

They should not be used as a central lighting point, since it is a decorative element that does not provide enough light to carry out tasks such as reading or enjoying dinner. However, only they are capable of creating environments full of magic and charm, ideal for lighting up the garden, so don’t hesitate to use them.

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Candles and lanterns

Other decorative elements that should not be missing when lighting a terrace or balcony are candles and metal lanterns. Reserve the larger ones to place them on the floor, and use the smaller ones to decorate the table, whether it is a dining room or an auxiliary table. Remember that there are also LED candles, less dangerous than traditional ones (especially if there is wood or textiles in sight).

































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