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Outdoor Furniture Trends for Summer 2022

by Eva

Outdoor Furniture Trends for Summer 2022

The trend of indoor-outdoor living is in full swing. Especially now that the summer sun is shining, people want to take full advantage of their outside spaces, which means investing in furnishings that make their patios, decks, and yards more comfortable. For many, comfort includes the look and function of the space — which means that homeowners need to consider ongoing trends that will impact the aesthetics of their outdoor areas.

The following outdoor furniture trends will make your outdoor living spaces exceedingly comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for the entire summer season and likely into fall, as well.

Define Your Outdoor Spaces

If your home has a great room, where the kitchen, dining, and living rooms are not clearly separated by walls, you have found ways to delineate the spaces using furniture, rugs, and lighting. Thus, you and your guests intuitively understand what each area is for, and no one is likely to linger in a space plagued by confusion or concern.

You should manage your outdoor spaces in the same way, especially if you have a significant amount of space outside for entertaining. Ideally, you should dedicate different spaces for different purposes, as you do in your home: an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor dining area, and an outdoor living space. The furnishings in each zone should effectively communicate what each space is. However, if your yard is limited in size, you might instead define different gathering areas with rugs of different sizes and different types of lighting.

Follow Your Indoor Aesthetic

Though your home might be separated into spaces and rooms, it should maintain a cohesive aesthetic — and in 2022, it is time for you to carry that aesthetic outside, as well. When you buy outdoor furniture, you should look for pieces that would look equally appropriate inside as outside your home — though made with slightly more durable construction. The purpose of adhering to your indoor aesthetic in your outdoor spaces is to make your yard feel like an extension of your home. It will draw you and your guests outside to use your carefully designed and styled yard, and because the look and feel will mimic your indoor areas, your outdoor living spaces will feel comfortable for all.

Invest in Elevated Pieces

Even in the city, the outdoor environment is harsh. Radiation from sunlight, dust from wind, and all manner of precipitation can wear down the items in your outdoor living space relatively quickly, which is why many opt to decorate with durable and inexpensive elements. Unfortunately, this strategy all but guarantees an outdoor space looks generic and cheap. It is best to mix elevated pieces into your outdoor design, ideally in ways that will not waste your design budget. You might install new outdoor sconces or decorate your space with a trendy tile. You should try to ensure that your elevated elements are durable enough to survive and thrive outside.

Consider the Following Styles

The Summer 2022 outdoor styles are set, and these trends are burning hot for furniture and décor:

Mesh. Thanks to the ongoing ‘70s revival, materials that were new and thrilling half a century ago are becoming new and thrilling again. Mesh is one of these. Any furniture with perforated patterns that mimic mesh will be on-trend.

Botanicals. Most outdoor living spaces are surrounded by plant life, which cleans and cools the air in addition to providing a beautiful backdrop. If you have particularly lush greenery in your yard, you might introduce a botanical theme into your outdoor furniture, with pillows, painted ceramics, and even accent furniture that boasts flower and leaf motifs.

Coastal. You don’t need to live by the coast to give your outdoor spaces the laid-back feeling of the beach. Coastal minimalism is an outdoor design aesthetic that utilizes sea-glass color schemes and minimalist furniture and décor to achieve a relaxing and rejuvenating feel.

Cabana. If you prefer more color and pattern in your aesthetic, you might opt for the trendy cabana-style — which works particularly well if you are designing around a pool. You can integrate bold stripes into everything from lounge chairs and pillows to umbrellas and rugs and use exciting colors, like yellow, turquoise, and orange, to bring vitality to your space.

You deserve an outdoor living area that you love, and that means investing time and energy into creating a well-designed outside space. By paying attention to outdoor living trends, you can enjoy the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of your dreams.

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