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5 Lighting Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

by Eva

5 Lighting Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

We’re going to tackle all tech and design trends for 2021 — including smart homes and PoE lighting

Lighting is an important part of any home, but it can often get overlooked in favor of other design elements. However, you shouldn’t discount the importance of your home lighting. A change in lighting will change how your space looks and feels — and it can even change your mood. That’s why we’re going over all of the latest lighting trends for 2021 so you can get inspired. 

This year, it looks like vintage fixtures, natural materials, and high tech automated smart lighting are common themes. From Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting to the latest finishes, bulbs and design trends, we’ve got you covered on all of the most stylish ways to light your home. Let’s get started by looking at some of the new technologies that are gaining traction.

1. Sustainable LED and PoE Lighting Systems

With PoE lighting, you can automate your home lighting and conserve energy

An example of an LED light bulb.

This year, lighting design is all about sustainability. It’s no secret that utility costs are on the rise and lots of homeowners are looking for ways to cut down on costs. Luckily, LED lighting systems are becoming more popular in residential spaces. LED lighting uses much less energy than conventional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs and is much easier to automate through a PoE lighting system. 

PoE lighting allows information to travel to and from your lighting fixtures. This information transfer means that the ethernet based system is easily integrated for smart home controls. So, when you choose PoE LED lighting for your home, you can reap the benefits of smarter lighting and lower energy consumption.

2. Advanced and Adaptive Smart Lighting

Enjoy more natural feeling light that can also be fully automated

Take advantage of natural lighting by using adaptive lighting technology.

Speaking of smart home lighting, there are now more options available than ever to bring natural and adaptive lighting to your home. LEDs — in addition to using less energy — also project a more natural white light designed to mimic the sun. As the day goes on, you can program your LED lights to project a warmer glow toward the end of the day which helps regulate our circadian rhythm.

When you couple LEDs with PoE lighting, you can install light sensors that will fully automate your home lighting. By using PoE lighting systems, you can install light sensors in your home that communicate with the individual LEDS. These lighting sensors respond to natural light levels in your home. By using the power of ethernet, your sensors will automatically control your indoor lighting based on the amount of outdoor light coming in. That means no more adjusting the lights when the sun goes in and for sure you will have lower utility bills!

3.Natural Materials

Moving away from plastics, more people are choosing to decorate their space with more natural feeling lighting fixtur

Wooden lighting fixtures can add a rustic or modern feel to your space.

As we’ve already discussed, lighting trends this year are shifting toward sustainability. Well, that applies to the fixtures too — not just the light bulbs. This year many designers are predicting that natural materials will be one of the most popular trends in lighting. When you combine natural lighting with natural materials, you are effectively bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. Especially if you live in an urban environment, introducing a wood, wicker, or even bamboo lighting fixture into your home can make your space feel more relaxing.

4. Vintage Lighting Fixtures

This year, everyone is looking for a nostalgic and comforting lighting fixtures for their home

Vintage lighting trends are back in fashion.

If you’re stumped as to how you should choose your lighting fixtures for your home — why not take a look into the past? In 2021, it’s all about vintage lighting styles, especially for the bedrooms in your home. Specifically, plug-in end table lamps which give off a warm and comforting glow are recommended to add a bit of coziness to your bedroom or living room. You may even already have an older lamp you can repurpose to add that extra personal touch to your decor.

5. Mixed and Matched Metals

Unexpected pairings are all the rage for interior lighting design

Combine these gold coated lamps with a different metal of your choice.

As trends move away from simple and clean designs to something a bit more homey, expect to see more mix and match metals. There’s no longer a reason to match each lighting fixture for the exact same metal and finish. In 2021, everything lighting design wise seems to be a bit more relaxed. So don’t be afraid to combine bronze, gold and silver together in the same room. You might find that you prefer a bit of diversity in your lighting!

And there you have it, 5 of the hottest lighting trends for 2021. This year, it’s all about natural light and using fixtures that make your space more comfortable. When it comes to tech, LED lights and PoE lighting systems are the way to go to save money and automate your home. If you’re trying to stay on trend, choose a few tips and then pick a few that you feel speak to your space. Once you’ve identified a few trends to try out, you’re ready to start transforming your indoor space with lighting design.

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