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Summertime atmosphere in Sevilla

by Decorator

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The owners of this house in Seville gave free rein to their creativity to get a very personal space where light and magic of South dominate. So a very nice house with lots of details we will travel us together. The courtyard of the ground floor is one of the most beautiful places in the house. And with a pool! The arcade columns appeared after down the walls that separated the gallery of old patio. Black stone marble Cordoba dates from the seventeenth century.

The charming pool communicates with a natural limestone cave. In this cave,there is a small living room and a cellar. At the water’s edge are arranged two Andalusian chair.

In the dining room, French and Argentine fabrics, wicker chairs handmade, Moroccan chandelier and old ceramic tableware. Wall, works by contemporary painters and ceramics Seville eighteenth century.

In the lounge, there are no two identical seats. Wall are, in particular, a drawing by Jean Cocteau and Moroccan tables.

The lounge is located at the site of the old barns of the house. The back of the sofa, table and a Spanish rustic chair of the eighteenth century are defined by corner office carpet.

A really amazing home with a fantastic atmosphere. Enjoy it…

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Via: http://inspirationsdeco.blogspot.fr

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Emilia February 28, 2015 - 3:39 pm

Can you send me please the website of this owner. We would love to visit that place!
Emilia Pstragowska

einat January 2, 2017 - 10:33 am

love the house. is it possible to get the name of the owners or designers? tnx

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