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A bohemian cottage in Mykonos

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A bohemian cottage in Mykonos

A cottage in Ornos Mykonos in country style is a favorite holiday destination for a family from Athens

The house was built in the 80s by architect Dimitris Rizos in traditional Cycladic architecture with white color and base material of local stone in order to be in harmony with the environment. It has access to the sea and swimming pool, while the exteriors have been carefully guided life outside during the summer and so they have created several leeward corners. On the deck, around the pool and the sea front are placed sundecks and under the pergola dining tables, sofas for relaxing corners for chatting and games.

The sunbeds are a few meters away from the sea.
The house is on three levels: The median level occupies the interior living room, the dining room and the kitchen are one big room.
The hostess envisioned the style with which to decorate the house before it was built and slowly gathered furniture and objects that she liked. Thus, he managed to create a space with modern-country style and bohemian references
The living married white with wood tones. Sofas with white cotton fabric and pillows, a vintage table with changed appearance decoupage style.

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