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Maps as decorative objects

by Decorator

An innovative and special way of decorating.

Maps as decorative objects1

A special and original way of decorating, is to place a map prominently in your space. Choose the one that suits you best with the space, color and Integrate the normal decorating. It offers the space and sophisticated style and fits perfectly with vintage items, this does not mean that it can not be combined with other decorations. Do not forget natural and necessary presence in the house if you have small children.

  • Fits in spaces with classical decoration.
  • Decorate your minimalist dining room.
  • Perfect wallpaper for your office space.
  • It offers sophisticated style in place.
  • You can dress even furniture giving a different view in the field.
  • Fits perfectly in the kids room like a wallpaper.
  • For a bedroom with vintage mood.

Maps as decorative objects2

Maps as decorative objects3

Maps as decorative objects4

Maps as decorative objects5

Maps as decorative objects6

Maps as decorative objects7

Maps as decorative objects8


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