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A fairytale hotel for those who love comfort and aesthetic

by Eva

A hotel for those who love comfort combined with aesthetics.

Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel is a luxurious complex in the characteristic dilapidated landscape of Cappadocia. It is located in the city of Cappadocia Ürgüp, the Greek Procopio, and has figures from the past.



Six cave houses with 30 cave-rooms, dating from the 5th and 6th centuries AD, and a central Greek building, a 19th-century Greek mansion, form the unique natural beauty of Yunak Evleri.
Modern luxury and respect for the traditional local character and nature architecture in the trash and cave, make up the basic principles of Yunak Evleri’s design.

Natural materials, raw textures inside the caves, handmade traditional furniture and objects of Ottoman east, as well as signs of all-Greek genius, lock the unique style of the complex. Narrow passes carved into the rock as a natural labyrinth, leading to each of the 30 luxurious cave-rooms, which “inhabit” the rock.

In the stone-built Greek mansion, the public areas of the hotel are housed, while on the stone outdoor terrace a fireplace is built around which guests of Yunak Evleri relax on the cushions and enjoy the natural primitive landscape of Cappadocia.

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