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Moroccan decor: New trend in decoration

by Decorator

Moroccan decor style

The tendency to worship what is oriental syle is not exactly new. But especially the Moroccan décor has fascinated the … crowds!
A traditional oriental tray on the wall, and one to act as a coffee table, an airy fabric on the ceiling and carpet with
the Moroccan trend with some of the Scandinavian coldness to colors.
Fabrics, Cushions, carpets, mirrors, lights and earthen pots are components of the Moroccan trend that could well remind a little of the Greek reality in some parts of the islands or the mainland.
The characteristics of copper utensils, low leather poufs, traditional bed covers compose the Moroccan style in a bedroom.
A kitchen in moroccan style has main components of wood and stone. Trumps the mosaic and the old bronze utensils.
See the photos and get some inspiration.

Moroccan decor style 6

Moroccan decor style 1

Moroccan decor style 2

Moroccan decor style 3

Moroccan decor style 4

Moroccan decor style 5Images via: www.tlife.gr

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