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Stylish candle deco ideas with creative DIY tealight candle holders

by Eva

Candles are a real mood-maker, especially when it’s getting cold and gloomy outside. The flickering candlelight not only creates a homely and romantic atmosphere, but also spreads good mood and gives the room a certain sense of coziness.

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Whether small or large, colorful or in a classic white, the candles are always a fitting decorative item. What a candle decoration can really put on stage is actually the candlestick. Among the many types of candlesticks stands and holders, tealight holders are a particularly popular decoration for inside and outside. Made of different materials and in different shapes, the candle holders for tealights offer numerous variations for an attractive, modern or rustic table decoration. Today we have some original ideas on how to quickly and easily make great holders for the little tealights.

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When it comes to decorating with candles, the possibilities are endless. Mostly they are effectively arranged as a table decoration together with fresh flowers, various materials from nature, other decorative accessories and even fruits, vegetables or nuts. When decorating with tea candles, some of these accessory decorations can be turned into tealight holders. For example, You can use lemons or limes to make room for a tealight and to decorate the table for a special occasion. Egg shells also offer a fantastic opportunity to make origiginal candle holders for tealights and thus to create a rustic and suitable for holidays candle deco.

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