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The most beautiful and creative ideas for firewood holders

by Eva

The most beautiful and creative ideas for firewood holders

Whether you live in a house or village and use firewood as fuel or have a cottage you want to decorate with the most beautiful decorating ideas, today’s photo gallery is inspirational. We have put together a number of ideas to support firewood to make it as practical, efficient and beautiful as possible.

Save your firewood for the winter using one of these beautiful ideas

Modern interior ideas for storing firewood

Create a covered area

If you have purchased a lot of firewood and cannot be stored at home, it is best to build a special timber stand in the yard. Make sure it is covered and placed in a protected area so that your wood is kept in optimum condition.

To save space, create the highest support. Make sure you put it next to it and on a ladder so you can always get firewood when you need it.

Create a separate base for small dry chips that you use for filling

When you light the fire you need fine wood, dry and small. To help you set them apart, build another support from which you get firewood every time you light your fire.

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Supports for firewood made of iron

A small iron base can be moved anywhere you want. The most demanding is that it is placed at home, near the stove or near your fireplace. The iron bracket is extremely durable over time, suitable for any type of design and can hold the wood required for fire for up to two days, depending on the size of the bracket.















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