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Special DIY Candlesticks ideas from old tiles

by Eva

Special DIY Candlesticks ideas from old tiles

Ceramic items are generally one of the most stylish choices for interior and exterior decoration and clay tiles that you will find in many sizes-designs in all building materials pens a material that can be used for many types of DIY constructions, such as make excellent aesthetic candlesticks or wall lamps.

Although many fear that they will break if they try to pierce them, the clay tiles are not that sensitive, especially if their thickness is not particularly small. With a simple electric drill and mounting them on a solid surface, with the hollow part down, you will drill holes as needed to add the candlestick and fasten them to the wall. You will simply do it outdoors because it is not the best that you can clean the dust that is scattered all over the red soil from which they are made during the punching process.

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This type of construction is certainly even more impressive if authentic old tiles are used to create them.

The raw clay, if exposed to the outside for a long time, acquires naturally aged appearance from moisture. But if you do not have any such tiles or can not find from friends-country-houses, choose from where you will buy the most … discomforted, with minor damage and unevenness on their surface, if you are going to use them in constructions whose physical appearance will be preserved and you do not want to color them.
But even in completely new and flawless tiles you can create … artificial damage. Carefully break some points in the corners and outlines, use a nail and hammer to create ‘cracks’ and surface fractures on their surface, and apply a simple color-skating routine.

Also natural or artificially aged bronze-iron fittings are perfectly compatible with such constructions. The type of candle holder can be customized to whatever type of candle holder you want, and look for antique candle holders you could use or also with a little patina give an aged look to simple candle holders.

If you do not prefer the natural appearance of the clay, you can paint  the tiles to any color you like and fit where you want them. After painting, especially if they are to be placed outdoors, apply 1-2 hands protective varnish. Excellent enamel-finished finishes on painted structures can give the glass-lined finish, instead of lacquer.

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Techniques such as Decoupage or Crackle can also be used on the surface of the tile, simply for the Decoupage specifically, look for really fitting and particularly napkins and avoid ‘bumpy’ vintage patterns.

Painting is certainly another way to make candlestick tiles look great. By painting simple geometric patterns-shapes you will create stunningly beautiful Ethnic pieces.

If you choose instead of a candlestick to turn clay tiles into wall lamps, they can be framed with both antique and modern style lamp-fittings or additional decorative metallic elements, depending on the general style you want to give them.

Corresponding structures with fixed tiles can of course also be used as table lamps – wall lamps, while wall constructions can consist of 2-3 tiles arranged together in which you place a candle instead of a candle lamp.

Extra lightweight elements can also be glued to the tile surface, if you don’t want to drill holes for everything, with a strong ceramic-based epoxy adhesive.

For outdoor use in place of the candlestick can be mounted a base-holder that holds paraffin lamp glass.









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