Home Decoration ideas Bring the warmest home atmosphere with the most wonderful DIY rustic wood candlesticks

Bring the warmest home atmosphere with the most wonderful DIY rustic wood candlesticks

by Eva

Bring the warmest home atmosphere with the most wonderful DIY rustic wood candlesticks

Since the colder weather can sometimes make it harder to enjoy the beautiful moments in your home, a great DIY project to bring some of the outdoors into your home is a candlestick candle made of logs, driftwood or twigs. It’s a very simple idea that adds a nice bit of rustic warmth to any room when the weather is cold outside. Take a look and see what style you like best.

Stylish candle deco ideas with creative DIY tealight candle holders

Wood stump
Perhaps one of the simplest ways to turn an ordinary candle into something elegant and rustic is to head into a wooded area and look for a good birch (preferably broken or fallen down) that you can cut and pierce and place the candle on. you there.

Interesting pieces of driftwood
The driftwood come in all sorts of shapes and sizes interests, which you can enjoy for DIY candlesticks at different levels of wood. It is quite easy to do it yourself, but there are many stores that sell it.

Large logs split in half
This is a really nice idea if you don’t have a fireplace. Just grab a larger than average log, cut it in the middle, and drill some holes for a rustic candlestick that is comparable to the appearance of a small fireplace.

Glass and twigs
If you can’t find any large logs for use as a candlestick, you can get a similar look by buying some candles that come in plain glass holders so you can stick some smaller branches around it.

You can find great and original inspiration ideas in the pictures below



























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