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Interesting and inspiring DIY stone painting ideas

by Eva

Interesting and inspiring DIY stone painting ideas

Probably, “stone paintings” is not the best combination to describe the amazing works of Stefano Furlani, but his works are so unusual that it is difficult for them to find the right words. An Italian artist searches for suitable stones on the beach and lays them out, creating complex and amazing compositions.

Stefano Furlani discovered this fascinating art form with his son Davide, when he was 3 years old. They were combing the beach in search of stones of a strange and unusual shape, and then, going under an umbrella, laid them out on the sand in the form of various patterns.

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Over time, they both became adept in this “game” and began to create more complex and detailed works of art, but at some point Stefano began to be disappointed that the pictures that he and his son so hard created, eventually destroyed and trampled others people in the beach. Therefore, he began to create these compositions of stones on solid canvases and save them as real pictures.

Although at first glance some of Stefano Furlani’s work may seem simplified, a closer look reveals how well the stones are combined, which suggests that the artist spends a lot of time searching for the perfect combination. He pays attention not only to the shape and size of the stones, but to the color, which makes his works look like real paintings.

Diy Cactus from stones

So if you need some inspiration for start your own diy stone art, check images below.

More info: sassidautore.it | Facebook

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