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42 Christmas candleholders ideas

by Decorator

42 Christmas candleholders ideas

Candles, just like Christmas lights is the simplest way to add festive atmosphere anywhere in the house.

Insert them in tealights or candles and bigger ones in candlesticks jars would make a snap licensed kitchen jars, glasses and all kinds fishbowl. Adding a Christmas ornament, pine, fir twigs, ribbons, etc. Create corresponding compositions within platters, trays or wooden boxes, use floating tea lights into flower vases or deep plates and as many natural materials and create stunning pieces for Christmas decoration of any point and the Christmas table. Anywhere you need … green don’t need to be natural spruce, you can use any type sprigs for larger compositions or rosemary for smaller.
For great inspiring ideas see following images we found for you on Pinterest.

Christmas candleholders1

Christmas candleholders2

Christmas candleholders3

Christmas candleholders4

Christmas candleholders5

Christmas candleholders6

Christmas candleholders7

Christmas candleholders8

Christmas candleholders9

Christmas candleholders10

Christmas candleholders11

Christmas candleholders12

Christmas candleholders13

Christmas candleholders14

Christmas candleholders15

Christmas candleholders16

Christmas candleholders17

Christmas candleholders18

Christmas candleholders19

Christmas candleholders20

Christmas candleholders21

Christmas candleholders22

Christmas candleholders23

Christmas candleholders24

Christmas candleholders25

Christmas candleholders26

Christmas candleholders27

Christmas candleholders28

Christmas candleholders29

Christmas candleholders30

Christmas candleholders31

Christmas candleholders32

Christmas candleholders33

Christmas candleholders34

Christmas candleholders35

Christmas candleholders36

Christmas candleholders37

Christmas candleholders38

Christmas candleholders39

Christmas candleholders40

Christmas candleholders41

Christmas candleholders42


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