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How to make a fairytale house from a plastic bottle (video)

by Eva

How to make a fairytale house from a plastic bottle

Wonderful and easy construction with recyclable materials: plastic bottle, stones, cement, grass and you will have a wonderful home decor.

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1 large plastic bottle (at least 8 liters)
stones in various sizes
decorative moss
1 paper plate
2 small sprigs
small decorative door
figures for decoration

1.Cut the bottom of the bottle, you will only need the top

2. Draw the door at the bottom of the bottle and a window under the neck.

3. Start laying down the cement and glue the stones carefully to avoid sticking to the door and window.

4. Stick to decorative moss in the gaps between the stones.

5. Take a paper plate, remove the middle piece and hold only the ring.

6. Pass it on the neck of the bottle

7. Cut the window and place cement with stones around the window, on the plate ring and on the neck of the bottle.

8. Cement the neck to resemble a chimney.

9. Put the two sprigs in the window by knitting them with wire or cord and fix them with cement.

10. Decorate the top of the bottle with decorative moss

11. Decorate with a small door and figures. If you do not have the door you can paint one.

Video tutorial


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