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Amazing DIY crafts and deco ideas with sea glasses

by Eva

Both the natural “glasses” of the sea and the artificial glass / or synthetic tiles that you will find in shops with hobby-and crafts, can be used in many different and imaginative ways to create various types of DIY summer constructions, and home decoration either alone or in combination with other sea elements such as pebbles, shells, driftwood etc.

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The way you work with the sea glasses is identical to the one for each type of pebble crafts. To stick them together or on any type of surface-material you will use a silicone gun, where you need to drill them with a small universal drill while in the mosaic constructions there is no difference from the classic way using original glue and then stucco and same instructions for creating Mosaics with all kinds of tiles.

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Both mosaics and decorative objects eg trays, lamps, vases, mirrors, etc. you can make with sea glasses and summer jewelry is one of the most impressive structures with this material.

Tip: If you use artificial stones you can give them a natural look if you cut them with a pliers or a cutter for tiles in irregular shapes.

The transparency of these stones, as well as the corresponding artificial glass or synthetic mosaics, makes them particularly impressive and in illuminated constructions such as candlesticks, lampshades etc.
















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