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Amazing DIY Christmas candles from branches

by Eva

Amazing DIY Christmas candles from branches

Candlesticks – natural compositions that you can make with very simple materials and very quickly, for Christmas table decorations or to decorate your festive tables very beautifully.

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The key you’ll need is dry twigs that, once cut into smaller pieces, stick together with a hot silicone gun in whatever shape you want.
First create a “base” and then glue them together in either a parallel or diagonal arrangement as many rows of wood as necessary to make the construction reach the required height, depending on the size of the candle holder to be placed inside.

When the wood frame has the volume and shape you want, place inside glass candle holders with rosewood and also with the silicone gun glued onto pine cones, natural sprigs, or any other decorations you want.

Compositions of this form can be made in large or smaller size depending on where you want to place them, and of course the sprigs can and can be painted-processed in any technical way, with atlas on which you will throw artificial snow or coarse salt. you can give the extra decorations … snowy look.

If you prefer, the wood frame can … be completely hidden from the extras, though the look of the natural wood adds a special aesthetic to any type of Christmas composition.

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