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Sofa on the balcony: see photos, tips and how to choose your own

by Eva

Sofa on the balcony: see photos, tips and how to choose your own

Do you want to relax and unwind? Run on your couch on the balcony! Oh, don’t you have one yet?
Then you need it… The sofa on the balcony is the best place to enjoy relaxing moments and literally stay with your feet in the air.
And, of course, we will help you choose the best sofa in the world for your balcony.

Come and see the pictures below.

Balconies – Yards in the colors of the sea

How to choose a sofa for balcony

Let’s start by mapping the space you have on your balcony, the form it presents and one more important thing: whether it is fully open or has closed and covered areas.

If your balcony is open, this means that it is constantly exposed to the sun’s rays, rain, wind, cold and heat. And all of these climatic variants directly affect the decision between one type or another sofa.

But if the balcony is small or partially closed, it is possible to choose sofas with a structure and fabrics more similar to those used indoors.

The size and shape of the balcony is also indicative of the type of sofa you should choose.

Big or small, round or long?

The small balcony is equal to a small sofa, the large balcony is equivalent to a large sofa. Basically, that’s the rule.

Choosing a three-seater sofa in a small space can endanger the traffic, functionality and comfort of the environment.

And if you place a small sofa on a large balcony, it will definitely not be appropriate for the space. Therefore, it is important to balance and dimension the sizes of balcony furniture.

The shape of the sofa also affects the functionality and comfort of the space. A round balcony sofa, for example, is beautiful, but if the space is small, it will end up causing more inconvenience than anything else.

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A rectangular sofa can be easily tilted against the wall, freeing up more free space.

The material used in the construction of the sofa is also a very important issue that deserves your attention.

In addition to influencing the aesthetics of the environment, the construction material will also guarantee the durability (or not) of the furniture.

See below some of the main materials currently used for balcony sofas and analyze which one best suits your needs:


Wood is undoubtedly one of the preferred materials for balcony sofas. This is because the material is of course rustic, warm and welcoming, ideal for calm and relaxation.

It turns out that wood may not always be the best choice, especially if your balcony is open and exposed to rain and sun. Over time, wood tends to suffer from moisture and heat, and is also a source of insects, such as lizards.

If your intention is to use a wooden sofa for a balcony, you know that you will need to perform periodic maintenance on the furniture to keep it longer.

Natural fibers

Fiber sofas are made of straw, straw or bamboo. They all have a very interesting rustic beauty and look great outdoors.
More durable than wood, natural fiber sofas can be exposed to the weather, but they also require periodic maintenance.

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers are a great choice for those who want a comfortable, beautiful and durable sofa on the balcony.
Usually made of aluminum structure and plastic lining, this type of sofa mimics the appearance of natural fiber knitting.
In addition to being more durable, they are also lighter, allowing you to change parts easily and whenever you want.

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Aluminum is another good choice for those who need a sofa for an outdoor balcony. This type of sofa is lightweight, durable and can be exposed to all types of weather, including the beach.
However, some people may be reluctant to use the material, as aesthetic options are more limited.


The iron balcony sofas are charming, romantic and have a very cool retro touch. Tough, but not so durable, this type of sofa needs maintenance to stay beautiful for longer.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel, like aluminum, is durable, except that it is a higher cost material.
































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