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Build a Balcony Sofa: Tips and DIY ideas for a sofa made of pallets

by Eva

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You live in a city apartment and have no garden and no spacious terrace? However, that does not mean that you have to do without a cozy outdoor seat. The only thing required here is a balcony. Many apartments have at least one small exterior, which is often used only as a storage room. However, the balcony has much more to offer than just extra storage space. There you can plant beautiful balcony plants and create a cozy corner to sit and relax. Because drinking coffee and breakfast in good weather on the balcony have much more pleasant. So, if you have decided to turn the balcony into a nice seat, then some lounge furniture is needed. A balcony sofa provides pure relaxation and can even on the smallest outdoor area a great chill-out zone. You can even build the sofa for a balcony yourself if you use some pallets or wooden boxes.

In today’s article, we collected great design ideas and tips for the balcony sofa. We explain how to build a sofa made of pallets ourselves and present some nice ideas as inspiration. Interesting exterior design ideas for small and large balconies also look at our picture gallery.

Balcony pallet Sofa ideas

Balcony furniture can be quite expensive, especially if you need a complete set of sofa, table, and chairs. With a little skill, however, you can also build some nice lounge furniture for yourself. For this purpose, Euro pallets are perfect as material. From this, you can build mini sofas for the small balcony, as well as large corner sofas for larger outdoor areas. The available space plays a decisive role.

A balcony sofa made of pallets is not only cheap but also looks very chic. It gives the balcony a special charm and makes for a rustic touch. The pallets can be either left in their natural look or painted in any color so that the sofa fits the design of the balcony.



The variants for a sofa made of pallets are many. Depending on the available space you can either build a small seat for one or two people or a comfortable corner sofa. In terms of height, there are also various options to choose from.

For a high pallet sofa, you need two or three pallets that are stacked up and bolted for a better grip. A backrest can also be added as desired by loosening the top plate of a pallet and installing it vertically on the sofa.

Significantly easier and completely without screws and saws works a low balcony sofa from a single Euro pallet. However, if you use pallets to build outdoor furniture, you should treat them accordingly in advance. First, the edges of the Euro pallet must be sanded and then primed with waterproof paint. The selected cushions should also be suitable for outdoor use.

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The cushions for outdoor furniture should ideally be water repellent, so they do not absorb the moisture. Removable and washable, the cover must be as well so that the balcony furniture always look clean and fresh. When making the selection, make sure that the pads are comfortable and provide optimum comfort. In terms of color, a large selection of upholstery and seat cushions are available for the balcony sofa. You can use this to make your balcony in a specific color palette or to set only a few accents here and there with different colors, motifs, and patterns. For this, the sofa cushions are a great option.


Do you want to build a pallet sofa for the balcony? Then you must first determine the exact dimensions and then calculate the number of euro pallets needed. The standard size of the pallet is 800 x 1200 mm and the height is 144 mm. If necessary, however, the individual parts can be solved or assembled. For outdoor use, you should not necessarily buy new pallets. Used Euro pallets are cheaper and can be refreshed quickly and easily with a paint.

In addition to your balcony sofa made of pallets, you can build a coffee table if enough space is available. The outdoor furniture can still be provided with wheels to be mobile. However, this is a suitable solution only for large balconies or terraces.

If you need optical inspiration just check our collection of images with a sofa made of pallets and choose the one fit on your taste.

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