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Modern monochromatic home decoration

by Eva

Modern monochromatic home decoration

The term monochromatic refers to the use of a single color. Monochromatic decoration focuses on environments in which the color note has a single hue. This color can be seen through the walls, either with paint or wallpaper, in accessories, textiles or upholstery.

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In the following lines, we will talk a little about this decorative style and we will show you how to decorate a space with a single color.

What color choose to paint your house

The most important thing when choosing the monochromatic decoration is choosing the color well. This will be the base with which we can later decorate the rest of the room.

You can choose the one you like best. If you choose a bright color you will give joy and energy to your rooms. A pastel tone will give it a romantic touch.

Keys of monochrome decoration

Choosing a color does not imply that we remain only with a hue. The truth is that the good thing about monochromatic rooms is the game. We must incorporate elements of different tones, softer or darker, to create depth and give life to different corners. Thus, for example, we can choose a light blue for the walls and reserve a much more intense blue for the main furniture.

There is another interesting option, focus on the walls but with pictures. If we leave the walls blank and place pictures of the same color, we will also be creating a monochrome room.

Play with patterns

The textures in this type of decoration are very important. We may focus on one color, but this does not mean that we cannot add patterned patterns with several shades of that same color. A wallpaper in a black tone that contrasts with the rest of the black furniture in the room, for example, can be an excellent idea …

Also, remember that although your room is monochromatic, there are elements in other colors that might interest you, for example, decorating it with plants. Including plants everywhere will give freshness and dynamism to that stay. In addition, we must take into account that there is a wide variety of indoor plants that need little light.

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White monochromatic room

White is one of the options that you most like. The reason is that this color is able to absorb all the light that enters the house, making the spaces look wider and generating a sense of instant peace. We can use white with other shades such as beige or broken white. Remember that there are many whites, some warm and some cold. Ideally, do not mix warm with cold.

Do not forget that white decoration can be very covered with wood. Do not hesitate to include a wooden floor or laminate flooring, if possible in light tones.

Monochromatic decoration in gray

Gray is another of those colors that are great in this monochrome decoration. This color has many variants, being able to help us when defining spaces, creating a sense of depth in a room and making it more dynamic.

Use different shades of gray on floors and walls, but also on furniture, such as sofas. Also, don’t forget the resource of wallpapers.












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