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10 x more fun with paint

by Eva

more fun with paint

We have had a lot of paint over the past years in our posts. You can give a white wall a beautiful new color, but you can of course also make a painting party. I give you 10 times inspiration to do something else with the white wall you’ve been looking forward to for a while.

1. If you only have a rest of paint left over and you will not get the whole wall; how nice to dye only a section in the middle. What I like too much about this image is that the color goes through the corner.
2. For the creative subjects among us
3. Like for painting the storage unit to the wall.
4. If a room has no door or other partition but you want to draw attention to it; paint a picture frame around the opening and paint the interior of the passageway in the same color
5. You can also paint the inside of the passage only. Really different.
6. To create a candy you have to dare and alongside the floor and the walls also cove the ceiling. You’ll see what’s up with this bedroom; a nibble … or love nest
7. Paint once outside the lines. I think many people quickly choose to paint the heater on the stove only, but just add a centimeter to the sides. As you see below, it really gives a nice effect.
8. Walk with washi tape and tape geometric shapes on the wall. Paint the wall and then pull the tap off so you get a nice effect on the wall. You can also paint the wall in a golden color as before, and then apply the tape.

9. Start with a sponge with different shades of paint. Then find shades that overflow and start down with the dark color. You can also continue coloring the color with a different color to get the effect as shown on the image below.
10. We have known the lamberization for a while, but you can also choose not to paint white above the paneling, but also to dye it in a color. Then choose a color that falls in the same color palette as the bottom color.

more fun with paint1 more fun with paint2 more fun with paint3 more fun with paint4 more fun with paint5 more fun with paint6 more fun with paint7 more fun with paint8 more fun with paint9 more fun with paint10

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