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36 Fresh ideas for a modern interior design

by Eva

36 Fresh ideas for a modern interior design

If you are designing or redesigning your home, this article is for you. Today we have new ideas for a modern interior design that can help you a lot in your renovation. You certainly won’t see anything outdated here. And one more thing. If you do not know exactly where to start when renovating and redesigning your home, read below. The tips presented here are responsive to the needs and preferences of many modern people. Moreover, they are really simple and easy to imitate. Implementing them could in no way burden your family budget. On the contrary. With these ideas for modern room design and furnishings, you could make your home cheerful, comfortable, original and elegant at the same time.

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The bright colors are everything of modern interior design

If you are looking for a modern room, start with the colors. Choose a simple color combination. You can use neutral shades without worry, because they never disappoint. They can also be perfectly combined with the so-called “non-colors” black and white, which are also timeless. Of course, you can try something cool and emphasize saturated, trendy colors in the room, for example emerald green, wine red or orange. However, we advise you. These attractive colors can break through the calm neutral appearance of an atmosphere and make it look disparate. Just in case the lights are not correctly positioned in the room. Therefore, it is a good idea to start with simple color combinations and simple looks.

A successful blend of different fabrics and shapes is allowed in contemporary room design

If you feel something is missing in your room or not comfortable, add different textures. These can be large extensions inside, such as soft rugs, throws, or decorative pillows. Mix skilfully different fabrics and materials. This way you add more texture. Here’s a small example: Metal should not be excluded from modern room design. It can be mixed with wood or rattan. You can also combine natural fabrics with lacquered furniture and add a contemporary feel to the design of the room.

However, be careful when using soft fabrics…

…. And don’t overdo it!

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The same rule applies to shapes. If you find that your room has many lines and angles, you should add a few circles. A round coffee table, a pair of round tables, a round carpet. The possibilities are endless. A round mirror is also a great choice, e.g. break up the straight lines of tile in a bathroom and bring some dynamism there.

Without modern lighting, any modern room design is unfinished

Rooms with only one light source or type of lighting are inappropriate in terms of modern room design. If you only have one ceiling light in the room, the atmosphere could be two-dimensional. But modern lighting increases the mood in every room. So make sure that artificial light comes from multiple sources, not just from above. Look for creative spaces for an extra floor lamp or wall lamp. For example, you can refresh an empty corner by placing a small table lamp there. So you bring this part of your room to a new glow.

Every modern interior design needs a statement

A statement that catches the eye. No matter what we say, every room needs something special, very special, that attracts everyone’s attention. Not only can you surprise your guests, you can also inspire and impress them. It can be an oversized furniture in bright colors or a great carpet. With an appropriate artwork or striking decoration you can make any blank wall a magnet for the eye. This piece will definitely steal the show in the room. But if it’s a bold color, try using something similar. This way you achieve a coherent look that is an important part of modern interior design. It also ensures visual harmony in the room.

Practical tips for modern room design that you should also consider

If you have too much color, be sure to add some points to the balanced color scheme to restore the visual balance in the room and soften the eye. In this respect, you can leave room as it is, or above all, use neutral colors. Lighted walls are also not a bad idea, as they reflect light and balance visually in the room.

In order to achieve a modern room design, you need to consider the function of all the furniture and accessories of the room completely and correctly. However, you should always choose objects that combine form and function and offer a direct visual effect. Use every square centimeter of space to create something creative there that is of practical value to you. Especially in a small room where you can’t allow clutter.

Follow these simple ideas for modern room design and enjoy the balanced and quite warm atmosphere of your home.
































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