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7 Summer Plants that you can easily grow from Seeds

by Eva

7 Summer Plants that you can easily grow from Seeds

Fast growing and from species that do not require special care, annual summer plants that you will easily be able to grow them from Seeds and enjoy them in bloom within a few months.


Plant directly in the soil in a sunny spot, 2-3 seeds in each position and at a distance of 60-90 cm, as soon as the weather warms up in mid-spring. Water regularly and support soft shoots for the first time.

Sunflower, the flower of the sun – great ideas for your yard and garden


Plant in March-April in a protected bed or in late May outdoors or directly in the soil, in a sunny position.


The king of the Mediterranean summer. Plant the seeds in a spring bed at a depth of 1cm and protected from the cold. Young plants can be moved from mid-April to outdoors and ideal for the basil are the spots that have light throughout the day but without the direct sunlight of summer midday.

Sweet Pea

Soak the seeds in clear water before planting them, early in spring or late summer, in a sunny spot directly on the ground. Place 2-3 seeds in each position, about 50cm in a fluffy soil. Particularly high varieties need support, especially in their early stages of development.


Plant early spring in a protected area and move the small plants outdoors, or plant them in the soil when the weather is warm enough.

Marigold, a durable flower that protects vegetables and beautify our gardens


Plant the seeds April – June in shallow depth, in planting pots or directly in the soil. Do not overdo it with watering, they need water 2-3 times a week when their soil is dry.

Zinnia – the most colorfur flowers for your garden

Ipomoea (morningglory)

The impressive “cone” with varieties in various shades a very easy annual climbing very fast growth. Plant early spring directly in the soil, in semi-humid areas and protected mainly by the summer midday sun and water regularly.

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