Home DIY 22 Unique DIY pots from old teapots that you can make by yourself

22 Unique DIY pots from old teapots that you can make by yourself

by Eva

22 Unique DIY pots from old teapots that you can make by yourself

Any old or broken item you have at home can be reused. Do not throw away the old teapots, because you can transform them into beautiful pots for home and garden. The ideas are great and will definitely leave you speechless.

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You can use a teapot to decorate the garden table. Or you can place some on a wooden ladder for a warmer and happier look.
If you want to add life to your space, then use some cheerful and bright colors. Succulents and cacti look impressive and are very easy to maintain in teapot pots. But, you can also choose other flowers.

A wind chime with a teapot and a hanging garden will look great on your outdoor space. If you live in an apartment, do not worry, because you can use these decorations for your balcony as well. Make some shelves and place pots of teapots. For a more vintage look, choose floral designs and strange shapes.

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