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DIY Craft ideas and decoration suggestions with Viennese straw

by Eva

DIY Craft Ideas and decoration suggestions with Viennese straw

The Viennese straw is a very elegant handmade type of mat, very popular in the past for the manufacture of the main furniture such as wicker chairs – armchairs or the well-known old type radiator covers.

A relatively … forgotten material nowadays mainly due to its relatively expensive price, in relation to the common mat, which is why most of the corresponding type of items that you will now find ready on the market are made of plastic imitation of the Viennese straw.
You will find the Vienna straw in moderation in various dimensions in terms of width, both in the classic beige shade and in white, in stores with mats – furniture materials – furniture repairs.

The use of the Viennese straw in construction – furniture conversions can give even the simplest wooden furniture a very special vintage style, but it is also very suitable in spaces decorated in a modern style.
The process of creating facades – doors from Viennese mats on any type and size of the furniture is very simple and the result is really impressive.

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Just measure, cut, and nail the Viennese straw to the back of a wooden frame with a nail.
The genuine Vienna mat contains a cotton thread that should not be cut, so the cuts should be made on the rows of the mat with the gaps-holes.
For the final result to be correct, complete the nailing on one side, stretch the mat very well and nail it to the exact opposite side. Do exactly the same for the other two sides of the frame making sure the mat is stretched.

Before processing, “soak” the Viennese straw for a few hours in water.

When it dries it will be more flexible which will make it easier for you to give it the shape you want,
especially in small and curved structures.

This way of construction with mats and wooden frames is exactly identical whether you want to dress with straw doors-furniture facades, to create a box-cover for radiators, or for any other use, screen, etc.

An alternative way for a more “elaborate” look of the furniture and the inside is to use a narrow tape-tress around the perimeter of the mat, which you will stick with glue or a silicone gun, before nailing with the nail.

Solid wooden furniture doors can also have a very special look if you just cover them with Viennese straws on the outside.
To fasten it, use decorative pins – pins on the top and bottom. If the mat is stretched correctly, right and left will stand straight and you will only need to hold it in places with glue or a silicone gun, depending on the height of the furniture.

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Screens – interior partitions, very special interior doors, etc. are also some of the constructions that can be created with simple wooden frames and Viennese straws. Auxiliary tables – bedside tables can also have a very impressive appearance, using the mat both on their central surface and as upholstery on their doors or drawers.

The Viennese straw offers an even more impressive result if used on the facade – furniture doors that have a special design-shape.

Bed headboards are also a type of construction that you can easily create from Viennese mats and a thick wooden frame by placing it either around the inside and inside of the wood or dressing the frame in such a way that the wood is not visible from the outside.

In any kind of construction for an even more elegant result, you can stick a series of thin flat rods used for knitting the mat right at the end of the mat and you will find it in all the shops that have Vienna mats in moderation.

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Its perforated design and lightweight make the Viennese straw ideal for making large-sized panels for hanging all kinds of objects, for investing in DIY constructions for hanging shelves, etc.

However, the range of smaller useful or decorative objects that you can make from Viennese straw is also very large and which, due to its general style and shade, are suitable with the same ease in any space.

The Viennese straw can be used both to invest ready-made items of any type or to create from scratch, for example, lamps and candlesticks, cases for glass jars, etc.















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