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Cool DIY organizing baskets from old jeans

by Eva

Cool DIY organizing baskets from old jeans

This is not the first time that jeans become a blog post here, and as the material is versatile and allows many forms of reuse, let’s talk more about it. As we talked about here, jeans can take 30 years to completely decompose in the environment, and taking advantage of this strength and durability, we can explore numerous possibilities of reuse, delaying its disposal.

43 Original DIY old Jeans Upcycling ideas to follow

Let’s go to combine the reuse of old jeans with the organization? We have selected organizing basket ideas for you to make. This time projects call for sewing machine skills, so get ready to get your hands dirty! All tutorials on the links at the end of the post.





Images tutorials: thatblackchic | threadingmyway | projectnursery 








Images via: Pinterest

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