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30 Cool Diy crafts from buttons

by Eva

Great ideas for Diy crafts from buttons

The tendency to make use of any material-object for the manufacture of decorative objects has transformed the general chapter “Household Constructions” into a truly inexhaustible and if you like dealing with any kind of handmade creations it is sure that it does not reach you … a life to exhaust ideas, whether special or not, about how “something” will create “something completely different”.

Impressive decorations from buttons

So not even the … buttons have escaped this rule, see some ideas on how to use them in addition to your clothes and decorative constructions.
More special and really impressive button frames that can be created in any pattern you want, just as you would and if you were painting something like that.
You’ll just need to draw or print the outline of the subject, and then simply … fill with buttons by combining them in size, color, and shape.
To stick them on any kind of surface such as cloth, canvas, wood, paper, plastic etc. or between them, you will use a hot silicone gun or a strong universal adhesive.

Just remember that the specific but all very “special” handmade structures of every kind and when of course they are not going to be placed in children’s rooms where no … exaggeration does not bother, it is good to have space in small and discreet doses so as not to convert his overall image into … a handicraft workshop.

Buttons in multi-piece packages, as well as special buttons such as wooden ones, special designs, etc. besides sewing shops you will find in all major stores – eshops for hobbies, constructions etc.


Images via: Pinterest

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