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Kokedama: What it is, +32 Amazing Arrangements to get inspired

by Eva

Kokedama: What it is, +32 Amazing Arrangements to get inspired

Do you want to include a practical and economical plant arrangement in your home decor? So you need to know the kokedama technique. Famous for taking up little space, in addition to incorporating the decoration of large environments, became over time, the “darling” of countless apartment residents.

So if you want to bring a special touch to the decor of the environment, this post was made especially for you. Check out now what is kokedama, how to structure a step by step arrangement and which plants are best suited for this technique.

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What is kokedama?
The word kokedama in Japanese means “ball of moss”. So when we ask what is kokedama, we can say that it consists of a Japanese technique that involves the plant inside a sphere formed by mosses, substrates, and clay. These ornamental spheres function as a single plant and therefore do not require plastic vases for their base, thus being considered an ecologically correct technique.

Kokedama, when incorporated into the decoration of a room or yard, beautifies and delights the environment. Remember that the structure of kokedama can be suspended or on a surface, preferably with a small plate underneath so as not to dirty the furniture, for example.

How to make kokedama?
Kokedama can be incorporated in the most diverse environments, whether internal or external. Just because any environment is a place to decorate with this beautiful decorative element.

Creating a kokedama is super easy and economical since its structure is made up of few materials and its walkthrough is quite simple. So, hands on the earth and let’s go to the materials needed to make it.



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How to make a kokedama: materials
Peat moss
Plant substrate
Earthworm Humus
little stones
Expanded clay
Sisal Line
Plant seedling

How to create a kokedama: step by step
Choose a seedling and make the most of it without damaging, of course, its roots.
Mix plant substrate with earthworm humus, gradually including water until a paste is formed.
Shape this sphere-shaped earth paste.
Make a hole in the center of the ball with the thumb or some round surface.
At the bottom of the hole put some expanded clay and pebbles.
Take the plant you removed the earth from and fit it into the hole above the clay and pebbles.
Complement the hole with a mixture of substrate and humus.
Cover the entire side of the sphere with peat moss, lightly pressing the material to secure.
Pass the sisal line on all sides of the ball after covering the entire sphere with moss and cutting with scissors.
If you prefer to hang, pass a piece of nylon or wire to hang the arrangement.
Finally, spray water over the arrangement sphere.


Best plants to use in the arrangement of kokedama:
Peace lily
may’s flower
Jade Plant
Spider plant

For kokedama choose plants that do not require much sun, as peat moss grows best in the shade. Also opt for smaller species, as the sphere is not very wide.

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