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How to make wonderful Christmas houses or villages from pieces of wood

by Eva

How to make wonderful Christmas houses or villages from pieces of wood

Extremely beautiful DIY houses or whole Christmas villages created from solid wood, plywood, driftwood or pieces of worn wood – useless wood of any type.

They can be created individually for use in Christmas table compositions – decorations, to place them at the base of the tree, etc. or in the form of a composition if you stick them on a wooden base as well.

To create them in their simplest form you will only need solid wood cut into a triangular house and acrylic paints. The simplest way to shape wood is to ask a lumber shop to cut your beams directly into the shapes and sizes you want. In most carpentry shops you will find ready-made “useless” such pieces that have been left over from various tasks.

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Sand the wood, if necessary, with fine sandpaper so that it is completely smooth in all their places and first paint their entire surface in white or any other shade you prefer. You can of course apply aging techniques or any other way you want to give a special look to the wood surface.

To create the details of each house (windows, doors, etc.) you will use simple acrylic paints or some additional pieces of thin plywood, wood bark, etc. that you will stick with glue, if you want the construction to have a 3d appearance in places.

Constructions of this form can get a much more impressive look if you work with solid pieces of wood to which you will add roofing or other additional elements of sea wood, plywood, worn pieces of wood, etc. and stick them on a wooden base as well.

In compositions of this form can be added Christmas elements such as decorative miniatures – figures, small ornaments, elements of clay, fabric, wire, etc. as well as led that will give them a truly. Fairytale look.

In exactly the same way wooden houses can be created in a smaller size for use even as hanging tree ornaments while, if it facilitates you, as a basic frame for constructions of this form you can use ready-made unpainted wooden houses that you will find in stores with items-materials for hobby constructions, wooden bonbons in the shape of a house, etc., although of course the use of any form of raw-worn wood gives them a much more beautiful look.

To create houses or compositions in a more modern style, combine the natural shade of wood with white – black and add elements from more modern design materials such as copper pipes, with which you can turn such a wooden house into a candlestick.












See in the video a special way of painting such minimal-sided constructions with the appearance of Christmasโ€ฆ cookies and the creation in pointsโ€ฆ of a snow-covered face only with color.

Images via: pinterest.com/soulouposeto

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