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How to create stunning rustic Christmas decorations with just a piece of burlap

by Eva

How to create stunning rustic Christmas decorations with just a piece of burlap

Who would have thought that something so beautiful could be created from ordinary material like burlap. However, our photo gallery proves that it is really possible. Create stunning hanging decorations for the Christmas tree, stunning garlands or beautiful decorative bags. To create such decorations, you will need a piece of burlap that can be purchased at a store or online.

Just a few LED lights and some natural materials and you can create the most beautiful decorations for the winter months

This fabric exudes tradition, charm, nostalgia and comfort in ways that even the most sophisticated modern materials fail to do seamlessly. Made from jute and renewable materials, burlap is truly a unique material that is sustainable, affordable and indescribably attractive. With the Christmas season, it’s time to show some of the many creative ways this fabric can be used in your home to greet your family and friends.

Choose your favorite project from our photos, get a piece of burlap and create an original decoration that will please you during Christmas.






































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