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50+ Christmas DIY ideas with driftwood

by Eva

50+ Christmas DIY ideas with driftwood

Wood in all its … versions, from its most expensive, refined and worked to its most natural and raw form, is one of the most unrivaled aesthetic materials anywhere.

Apart from tree-trunks or pallet woods and all forms of driftwood, it is an excellent raw material for Christmas decorations and constructions.

DIYs with driftwood – new beautiful crafts and decoration ideas

Trees, ornaments, wreaths, garlands, etc. can be wonderfully created from small or larger pieces of wood found on a shore and irrespective of whether this species is identified with our … summers, winter is the prime time. on the beaches, you will find many more such kinds of wood in various shapes and sizes.

Wherever you need to glue it, you’ll do it with a silicone gun, use a simple small drill to drill them, with a screwdriver or any other tool available – a sharp object to serve. wood or any type of acrylic paint you will paint them in any shades you want.

Small ornaments hanging from driftwood that you can give view … Santa Claus, angels, etc. It can be painted, even with tempera.

To create regular Christmas trees from driftwood you will need to drill the wood in their center with a simple drill and then cut them in succession and in size, starting from the largest in length, to a metal support rod, fastened to the bottom on a flat piece of wood of similar size to the overall size of the tree.

To make Christmas wreaths you will need compact driftwood that will stick in a circular formation on a matching sized base made of plain hard cardboard.

You can create very special and elegant pieces for Christmas table compositions by sticking together driftwood. Give the wood a “basket” shape and add some more elements of natural materials, candles, etc.

In the following images, you can find more than 60 Christmas DIY ideas with driftwood and get inspiration.
























Images:  pinterest.com/soulouposeto

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