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DIY ideas for fir tree Gnome Christmas outdoor decoration

by Eva

DIY ideas for fir tree Gnome Christmas outdoor decoration

The Christmas gnomes have become an extremely popular Christmas decoration in recent years. Not only are they cute, they also radiate Scandinavian coziness. So it does not surprise us if you already have a few with you or have already made some yourself. Either way, our current idea should not be missing from you. This refers to the witty imps made of fir branches, with which you can decorate especially the outdoor area wonderfully.

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Here are two simple instructions and tips to help you make such gnomes out of fir branches. They can be produced in different sizes and look very nice especially in groups. But let’s get started with the simple DIY-craft project! It’s easier than you might think.

The pointed cap can be made of different materials. In the example you will receive instructions with moss, but also felt or any other material can be used for this purpose. That depends entirely on the effect you want to achieve. The gnome becomes completely natural when you use moss, while you can use felt to create splashes of color and create a more colorful decoration.

Fir Tree Gnome – Instructions and Materials

ir branches
green flower wire
red christmas ball
Sheep wool, synthetic fur, cotton wool or silvery evergreen for the beard
Plastic flowerpot
wooden stick
Piece of wood with a drilled hole (big enough for the staff)

If you want to make this gnome out of fir branches, first insert the rod through the pot. To do this you need to cut or drill a hole in the middle of the floor. Push the rod through the hole and insert it into the pre-drilled piece of wood. Then gradually divide the fir branches around the wooden stick and tie them tightly with the flower wire. Leave about a third of the wooden stick free.

Then tie the moss in the same way. Also cover about a third of the fir green and wrap the moss spirally towards the tip around the fir green and the stick. Directly below the moss you tie the Christmas ball for Christmas trees with the wire.

Then take the wool, thread it onto the wire (just stick the wire through the pieces of wool) and tie the beard under the nose. And that’s it.





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Alternative variants if you make pixies from fir branches yourself

If you prefer to use felt instead of moss instead of moss or another fabric, simply make a cone from an arbitrarily large piece, glue the ends together and place it on the stick. Or how about a finished Santa hat?

Instead of a wooden stick and a flower pot, you can also use a climbing aid for tomatoes, which you can either buy ready-made in the shape of a cone or tie up the protruding rods at the top. Then you can “dress” the tendril exactly as described in the instructions above.
A red nose is especially likeable, but also potatoes, pompons or pine cones can be used for crafts. Maybe you can think of something else.
You may also like to add extra accessories, such as gloves.







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