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Christmas Decorating for Small Spaces

by Eva

Christmas Decorating for Small Spaces

Ideas and solutions to decorate Christmas in a beautiful way even small spaces – houses.

The purpose of the festive decoration is to create a beautiful “backdrop” in the house, but without it, of course, it makes everyday life difficult and occupies valuable spaces especially if the total space available in the house is small.

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A classic Christmas tree does not have to be … gigantic. In contrast, small natural or artificial trees decorated with matching ornaments and lights can become truly “dolly” and create, just as a large, vibrant Christmas atmosphere.

Depending on the capabilities of your space, place such a tree directly on the floor or even on a piece of furniture, framing this spot with some more Christmas-themed elements.

Christmas tree roll in small spaces can even have fir-tree compositions in vases – bowls that you would normally decorate with balls – ornaments.

Walls are, in general, one of the most useful elements in the design and decoration of small interiors, which is also true when it comes to seasonal decorations. So the trees that you decorate on the wall will not catch at all from the functional area of ​​the house while at the same time they are very impressive and original.
To create such a classic-looking tree you will need to create a wooden base of fine fir-shaped … slats. Pin the vertical wood 4-5 horizontal planks of wood spaced equal to each other and tie them with fine wire natural fir branches covering the wood frame completely.

Christmas trees of this form can also be created with rich artificial fir-garland or even simpler ways, for example, by creating a fir-tree shape directly on the wall.


Alternative trees of this type, ideal for small spaces, can be made of all kinds of materials such as branches, driftwoods, only with Christmas lights, etc.


The very special look is the … corner trees of wood that can also be created in many different designs and … versions.
You will create them from pieces of wood – boards facing each other on either side of the wall corner, and the most striking construction of this form are the wide pieces of wood, with no gaps between them, on the surface of which have been pierced before they can be incorporated on the backside led lights.


No matter how small space is it certainly has a door – windows 🙂
They are places that can be used extensively for the placement of wreaths, pendants, etc. and create a vibrant festive atmosphere easily and without being bound by the useful space of a room.


In the same way, interior partitions or points around the inner doors can be utilized by placing a festive garland of natural twigs or an artificial fir-garland.
Garlands of this kind in small spaces, if you add them to a ledge, can work even more dramatically than even a regular Christmas tree.



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