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Great rustic Diy garden pathways from pallets wood

by Eva

Diy garden pathways from pallets wood

Pallet woods, other than all other uses in various types of construction, are the easiest and most economical material to create small or larger walkway paths in your garden areas, either directly on the soil or combined with other soil cover materials gravel, pebbles, tree bark etc.

First of all, for this particular use, look for used pallets that you can buy even for free from any kind of stores.
With a cover or any similar tool that serves to disassemble the pallets, pass the woods you will use with an impregnating varnish to protect them from water and moisture, and if necessary cut the wood to the size you want.

Beautiful ideas of garden paths with wood

To create a wooden path directly onto the soil, sculpt-dig lightly so that the pallet boxes are firmly placed and the ground after fitting has the same height at all points.

The layout you choose for wood is a matter of choice, depending on the needs of the wooden treadmill. You can place the woods tangential to each other or leaving small gaps, work with woods of the same or different length, etc.

This type of wooden walkways, even in a very “rough” shape, is the simplest way to build corridors in vegetable gardens or large flower beds without the ground cover so there is a point all the way down that you can press avoiding sludge.

The woods can also be placed deeper into the soil so that only the top and not the side surfaces can be distinguished, while in the same way can be created paths of pallets and on gravel, sand, tree bark, etc.

If you want to give such a corridor a curved formation, you just need to work with the same dimension of woods, placed perfectly aligned on one side. In order to create the curved finish on the other side just by each point and depending on the formation, the woods will have a distance between them.

Cutting pallet rails and nailing the pieces together or holding them on the back with 1-2 slats will create wooden “tiles” which will then be placed on the ground in whatever form you want, even by combining the composition with elements like pebbles, gravel etc.

Garden Design Ideas

In addition to simple corridors, with entire pallets or wooden frames that you will place on the ground and then … invested outside with pallets, impressive elevated wooden constructions for the garden can be created, thereby delimiting the floor at the point where there is a living room or outdoor table,
The pallets, in every type of construction, can, of course, have a protective varnish and can be painted in any shades you want to have a particularly striking look with a simple aging technique.

By pinching each other or by fixing two or two vertical slats on the back, you can create more than a wide range of pallet rails for use in aisles, particularly impressive if they are spaced relative to each other.

Of course, the lifetime of such structures is not … everlasting, as is the case, for example, with corresponding corridors of paving slabs, stones,
However, in proportion to their cost, which can be virtually zero, if you use free pallets and the simple placement process, it is one of the most practical and at the same time an elegant way to make small or larger paths in garden areas you want to do not press directly on the soil, lawn, gravel, etc. and will withstand no maintenance for several winters.











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