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How to make a DIY garden bed from pallets

by Eva

How to make a DIY garden bed from pallets

Pallet crafts for exterior landscaping other than economical, in comparison to the use of any other type of wood, in many cases and in function, may be the most appropriate solution if you take advantage of the possibilities that you provide their shape, depending on the type of construction you want to create.
The tall flower beds made of whole pallets that you can combine in whatever shape you want are particularly impressive and functional to gather ornamental plants or herbaceous herbs or to turn them into a normal … vegetable garden.

Smart DIY gardening ideas on pallets

To plant the inside of the wooden frame you will need to place either a special coarse nylon soil cover found in large shops with garden items or to place large plastic planting tins, making sure in both cases that there are the necessary holes for draining the watering water.

The simplest type of such construction is the flowerbeds that you will simply make by nailing 4 large-sized euro pallets between them, placing their straight side toward the inside of the side.
In the outer partitions, if you place nylon or nail boards at the bottom of the panel so that small “gardening” can be created, you can also plant or put pots or close-ups.

If you prefer the “beneficial” part to plant such a pavement may have a lower height and the rest of its lower part can be used as a garden tool storage space, seedbed for plants that need shade, etc. It will just need a plank or an additional pallet nailed at the appropriate height to reduce the height of the space to be filled with soil.

Aesthetically, such construction can acquire many different faces by painting any shade you want, adding decorative woods to the central frame from the pallets, etc.

Wonderful flowerbed ideas for your garden

Clearly, such a flowerbed, especially for amateur gardeners, is more convenient than conventional, because-because of its height watering and general plant care is easier, much more simply can be covered-fully protected in times of bad weather especially if you use it as a vegetable garden and can be created at any point in a garden the sunshine or shade conditions are the most favorable for the species you will plant. But also decorative placement of one or more of such plots will “visually” fill the space of a garden, unfocused outdoors in cottage houses, etc. far above some typical terraces tangential to the terraces.





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