Home DIY DIY ideas: How To Paint Your Cement Floors And Convert It To A Beautiful Pavement – Instructions + Video

DIY ideas: How To Paint Your Cement Floors And Convert It To A Beautiful Pavement – Instructions + Video

by Eva

How To Paint Your Cement Floors And Convert It To A Beautiful Pavement

Lately, more and more people dare a change in cemented outdoor flooring. It is a process that the aesthetic result certainly and at the same time provides a very economical way to make a beautiful change in the cementless cement and give it the appearance of a stone pavement.

A painted floor transforms every place – 15 Ideas to be implemented

Spray colors in various shades. Ideal colors are for graffiti. You will find them in color shops, they have very good coverage and durability.

If you only want to make outlines like the islands then you will need striking colors and a wide brush.

Transparent stone varnish. Choose a good quality full-absorbent product.

Clean the surface with a hard brush and water so as to leave dust, grease, and plants that may have burst into cracks.

Place the mold or stencil upside down and spray with your paints alternately. Replace the mold so that there is a succession and continue to spray. You can play enough with the shades until you have the desired effect.

After drying, roll the protective varnish over the surface and let it dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Usually, cement floors are not flat, so make sure that the mold or stencil is in contact with the surface.

One other way, but only if you want symmetrical patterns, is to use tape.

If you want the joint to be a different color (not the color of the cement) before starting the molding process, pass the entire surface with cement to the shade you like.

The key to success is the combination of colors, so do a test on a surface with your mold and colors before you start on the normal surface.
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