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Garden Design Ideas

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Garden Design Ideas

Sprucing up your flower garden or just your private backyard doesn’t have to be complicated, as many garden design ideas can be simple and rather inexpensive. Learning what perennials to plant and what annual flowers to add in can be a bit daunting when creating a master gardening plan, but there are many garden supplies that are quick to implement and bring interest to any garden area. Here are some spring garden tips for your summer garden design.

Outdoor lighting                

Adding lighting to any outdoor scene makes for an inviting place to relax. Gardens can be lined with solar lights along pathways or in other areas of interest. Consider tall Tiki torches to light the way and keep the mosquitoes at bay. For a fancier approach, look for hanging chandeliers, such as the ones Target carries, that are battery-powered and can be moved around. They range in style and price, from casual to shimmering elegance at just around $50. String lighting is another option with interesting designs such as dragonflies as opposed to plain bulbs.
Outdoor lighting 1

Outdoor lightingString lighting is another option with interesting designs such as dragonflies as opposed to plain bulbs. Adding residential landscape lighting can bring new life to any yard or garden


Fountains and Bird Baths

No garden design is complete without some kind of water feature. Fountains are especially interesting. Target carries a boy and girl fountain that is run on solar power, ensuring continual running without a power source. The boy and girl sit closely under an umbrella as the water comes up and falls over them. Bird baths are nice, too, as they attract birds for another interesting feature in a garden. Putting up a few bird feeders will also get more birds into your garden. Orders over $50 at Target are eligible for free shipping, too!

 Fountains for garden

Fountains for garden1

Pathways to different areas

I have always loved pathways in gardens. Paths that lead through greenery and flowers to different areas of the yard are an integral part of a garden design. Pick up some round or square stepping stones to make your own unique pathways. Just kill the grass, cover with newspaper to help prevent re-growth, and place your stones. Add pea gravel or other small stones to complete the pathway.
garden Pathways

Pathways garden

Decorative Pots and Planters

Decorative pots are a quick way to add garden décor. They serve a practical purpose, too, as they are perfect planters for small plants, such as herbs. Many gardeners like to add an herb garden design to accommodate their favorite cooking herbs. This is really simple. Just pick up some decorative pots and plant away. These are great for planting herbs as well as annuals, and they are easily moveable. Move them around the garden to create an attractive garden design.

 Decorative Pots and Planters

Decorative Pots and Planters1

Seating areas

Create a seating area—at least one—where you can relax and enjoy the serenity of your garden. Charming metal bistro sets are sold at Target for around $86. They add an elegant touch to the garden design. Wicker or wood patio sets for guests or a solitary bench along a path are also excellent options for enhancing the look and feel of your garden.

 Seating areas

Seating areas1

Adding just a few of these garden designs can make your garden more relaxing and inviting. Target garden supplies are quite affordable with free shipping and even more savings with a promo code. Try just a few of these items to get inspired. Your garden will look better than ever!

A guest post by Rosy

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