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Garden paths: 28 DIY proposals to beautify your outdoor

by Eva

Garden paths: 28 DIY proposals to beautify your outdoor

Garden paths – this evocative element can completely change the look of your outdoor, small or large. The goal is to create an environment full of style and not the last well organized place. During the summer months, the desire to be outdoors grows even more, with this also the desire to have a unique and original garden.

We have created a collection of really nice images, to show you some useful tips for creating a driveway to say the least particular. If you are passionate and have free time available, you can easily dedicate yourself to do it yourself and set up the outdoor area as you like, according to your personal tastes.

Beautiful ideas of garden paths with wood

In this article, as you can imagine from the images proposed, we try to show you how to plan a natural landscape with a few simple steps.

The paths of the garden are real streets that are used to move from one point to another in the garden, without stepping on the lawn. For organizational needs, for example, they can be designed according to a precise plan with curves and gradients.

If you intend to create a project completely with the DIY technique, know that this is not a very easy task. Regardless of whether you are starting from scratch, or simply want to upgrade your backyard, there are some details to watch out for when setting up your driveway.

There is nothing more beautiful than a path in the garden, so fascinating and creative, able to upset the landscape of your outdoor. If you are fond of simple things, then you can settle for a series of stones, placed on the ground in order to create a walkway.

Great rustic Diy garden pathways from pallets wood

The irregular shape of the stones can give character to the garden and serve as a pleasant accent to the flowerbeds. Regarding the choice of material, stone is undoubtedly one of the best options. Of course there are also many other materials that can help you, but we’ll talk about them later in our article.

We mention only gravel, which in addition to being a typical example, is also particularly pleasant and gives a sense of naturalness. Natural stone is elegant, and if combined with mosaic tiles you can create a classic design environment.

Of course it is right to continue the style already present. So, for a garden furnished with classic design furniture, this is the best choice. If, instead, you are intent on creating a modern garden, then the suggestion is to use the tiles.

Want more inspiration? just check the amazing images bellow.




























Images via: Pinterest

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