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Cool DIY pot stands from pallets

by Eva

Cool DIY pot stands from pallets

From the simplest and at the same time the most usable palette constructions to place pots in your garden or balcony.
Depending on the length and how many “pots” you want to have in such a base, you will need from one to three pallets, but a medium-sized base that will hold several medium size pots can be built with only one pallet.


DIY pot stands from pallets7You’ll just need to cut it, about a third of its width, and then pin the smallest piece over the larger one, creating a “stair”.
In exactly the same way you will work for larger structures of this type by simply increasing the “stairs” and adjusting the width of both the central lower part and the others in the size you want.

You can add simple screw castors furniture, can be found in home-furniture department stores.

It is particularly handy since it will allow you to easily move the base to clean it at that point to move the plants to a less or less shady spot.


And of course, as in all palletized constructions, if you do not want wood in its natural form-hue, or you can pass either wood varnish found in all color shops in different shades or paint a wood base such as wood apply aging techniques, etc.

DIY pot stands from pallets1

DIY pot stands from pallets2

DIY pot stands from pallets3

DIY pot stands from pallets4

DIY pot stands from pallets5

DIY pot stands from pallets6

DIY pot stands from pallets7

DIY pot stands from pallets8

DIY pot stands from pallets9

DIY pot stands from pallets10

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